Hello, My name is joseph

But you can call me Joey. I am a small business web designer and developer, homeschooled high-schooler, a dog lover, and philosopher (gotta love wisdom)

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Joseph Scarpa

How To Be Prepared For Chrome’s October Update.

2017: How Google’s SSL Update Will Affect Your Business Do you have a form on your website? Chances are you do. And even if you think you don’t, you probably have something that Chrome will see as a form We are speaking about the forms on your site, such as on your “Contact Us” page,

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Joseph Scarpa


  “We would be honored if you would join us.” I had to start this blog off with a Star Wars reference. This will be a continual theme throughout this blog. This is a bit of a welcoming article (since I am not even sure what I will be writing about yet) but I just

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I am a kid from Long Island with big dreams. Currently, I am web designer and developer. I enjoy programming, playing the pipe organ, and other not at all nerdy things like that.

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